Saturday, April 14, 2007

Greek Chicken
This article is my submission to the blog challenge sponsored by Bonnie, CWO's monthly columnist for Bonnie's Kitchen.

Growing up, meal-time was a very important part of my family's life. My mom made certain that on most ( if not all) nights of the week, we were sitting down together, eating a good dinner. It was our time to enjoy being together and have fun dinner conversations as a family. I remember that often, even after the food was finished, we would sit around the table and just keep on talking. Visitors at our house would comment that this was an unusual, but enjoyable thing for them. I remember stir-fry on spring evenings, spaghetti squash on summer evenings, and chili verde on fall evenings. I remember sitting around the table at Christmas, reading Advent stories and peeling oranges. Lots of oranges!
I know that these times must have had an impact on me, because I have tried to incorporate the same feel for meal times in my own family. Even with a two year old and an almost-one year old, we still manage to usually have a quiet, some-what relaxing dinner. I always appreciate it when I can find a yummy meal that doesn't take all afternoon to prepare. So, I have included one of my mom's dishes, that was always one of my favorites. I enjoy fixing it for my family now, because it is so good and easy to fix!

Greek Chicken
2-3 cups chicken, cut into cubes
1 14 oz can tomato chunks
1 14 oz can green beans
feta cheese
1 bag egg noodles
basil, garlic, and oregano
* Saute chicken in olive oil until cooked through
* Add tomato, green beans, and seasonings, stir until hot
* Serve over egg noodles, and top with feta cheese.
* Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Sound delicious! (And easy enough to try.) Thanks for sharing it with us.


bluemountainmama said...

i'll have to try this....sounds yummy!

we grew up with a similar family mealtime, and i, too, want to pass that tradition on....

bluemountainmama said...

oh sis in england is blogging again after a long hiatus... her link "motherskylark" is under my links list.....

Munchkin Land said...

Oh, I remember those family dinners. Our family dinners were quite infamous among my friends too! =) That recipe sounds delicious!!

Elise said...

Oh, heavens. That Greek Chicken looks delicious! I will try it soon.
We also have meals every night together, (and most breakfasts, as well) and it is such a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Great idea combining chicken with feta - I will try this next time!

Usually I wrap up my chicken in bacon and bake it in the oven - the bacon get's all crispy and the chicken stays deliciously soft...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaime, my daughter( your mom) is holding out on me, I don't remember that dish, but then, I didn't eat supper with you all every night. Sounds real good, I think I will try it out on your Pap.


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