Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baby Steps

My baby is walking. As of right now. I sat down to write this post, and my whole subject matter changed, because Elias stood up and walked across the room to me. Well, okay, he didn't walk all the way across the room, but he did take five good steps. And then three more. And then four more. What a smart little guy :) I think my whole peaceful life just majorly changed ...... :)

I read an article in the paper on Sunday that pretty much stated that stay-at-home moms don't know what they're missing. It said that the social, financial, economical, and emotional benefits of going to work far outweigh those of staying at home. I beg to differ. I realize many moms work, and many find great joy in it. I'm not trying to criticize that. But when I see my little guy stand up and walk to me with out-stretched arms for the first time, I know that home is the only place for me....

Here are some pictures of his first attempts at walking, and also one of Cosette on Easter morning.


Pappy Shaun said...

Joel and Jaime,
So Exciting!! I've been checking the site everyday while I'm down here so that I don't miss the new things the kids are doing--and this time was perfect timing--I knew before Karen and Kristin. (LOL) I'm sure before I get home on Friday--HE WILL BE RUNNING!! Jaime please keep your eye on him now--as a grandpap I will be worrying about him all the time now. Just kidding. I'm so glad you two are getting to enjoy such Great family times!! Love you guys, tell Cosette Pappy said "Hi".

Anonymous said...

Too cute :-)

I totally understand your view. I think it is fine as well, when Moms go working, but most likely I guess that they, too, do not know what they miss when they are gone.

My Mom stayed at home and I am very grateful for this. I guess you can have a wonderful social life, if you hook up with other mothers and their kids - one doesn't need to go working for that.

Beba said...

I think that staying at home doesn't mean missing something... We get allot. We are able to see first steps of our kids, hear first words when from their mouth.... I chose that instead to hear from the baby seater... Bless

Elise said...

How exciting! Yay, Elias!
Reading your words reinforced for me as well - home IS the only place for me...and them! :)


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