Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Suppers

I usually like to call the meal that's eaten in the evenings 'dinner'. However, on Sundays, it's different. The evening meal becomes 'supper'. And you're asking "Why?" I'll tell you why. Sunday Suppers consist of.....

  • leftovers
  • toast and eggs
  • grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • cereal and fruit
  • yogurt and bananas
  • store-bought frozen waffles
  • crackers and cheese, apple slices
  • popcorn
  • cottage cheese and fruit, apple-butter bread

In other words, it doesn't have to make sense, and it doesn't even have to be healthy. But, it does have to taste good and be able to make it to the table in 10 minutes or less. That is the rule---Sunday Suppers are relaxing, even for mom :) It's one of the silly things that I look forward to each week.

What are some other things that I anticipate?

  • sipping hot coffee and eating cookies after the kids go to bed
  • wearing my new 'brand-label' shirt that I found for 3.00 at the thrift shop (my husband loves me for this :)
  • fixing a really yummy dinner that everybody enjoys
  • hearing one of my piano students play a difficult song through correctly
  • date nights with my husband
  • hearing a new song in church that's really catchy, and then humming it in my head all week
  • seeing Eli play peek-a-boo when he only covers up one eye
  • hearing Cosette say grace and praying for everybody's 'ouchies'

Sooo.......what little things do you all anticipate through-out the week? And I'm curious---what does everybody else eat for Sunday Supper? :D


Anonymous said...

Ah, this brings back memories of Sunday evening supper when we were little.....cereal....the one thing that mom didn't have to work on :-]

One thing that I look forward to during the week is being able to spend time with my precious little niece and nephew:-]

bluemountainmama said...

lovely things to look forward to. i don't really enjoy cooking, but always feel good when i make a healthy, from-scratch meal for my family. i think we call our evening meal supper and dinner, interspersed. and we have many nights of what i call "fruit plates" with a similar mixture of your sunday spread....with some nuts or peanut butter for protein.

one of my favorite things growing up was popcorn/"little house on the prairie" night on mondays....we still made popcorn over the stove and that would be our dinner along with some fruit while we sat in the living room together and watched "little house".

Anonymous said...

I used to love coming home from church on Sunday night with all 3 of you and getting you all in "Cozy" P.J.'s and then eating a bowl of cereal and toast with you guys!! Now, I love the Sundays that Joel and you and the grandkids come down and eat supper/dinner/snack with us! Love you--keep enjoying the little things in life!

Beverly said...

I look forward to Sunday nights too! We do the same thing ... leftovers, sometimes my husband scrambles some eggs, whatever dessert we had earlier ... you name it, its fair game for Sunday evening.

I loved your list of things you anticipate!


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