Friday, March 16, 2007

A complete thought

Have you ever felt like you just want to finish a sentence? I do, all the time! In fact, the other night found me in tears as I told Joel that I just wanted to finish a complete thought when I was telling him something at dinner! Seems I am always being interrupted by a cup being dropped, some food being spilled, or a little girl who has even more on her mind than her mommy! On this paticular night, our dinner conversation went something like this:
"The other day, I found out--Eli, don't drop your cup! "that the prices at this grocery store--" Yes Cosette, you may have more milk. "are actually a lot cheaper than "Eli, Daddy said don't drop your cup" "I originally thought they might be, but I "Cosette, yes, you must eat all of your chicken "still prefer the other store, because the choices are.. "I'm sorry Jaime, I missed some of that. What were you saying?
Fortunately for me, I have a husband who is willing to listen carefully anytime the kids are in bed and the house is actually quiet! I am blessed then to have his full and undivided attention.
I often wonder where I would be without my loving husband who is willing to let me shed a few tears of frustration when necessary!
Thankfully, the stresses and trials of motherhood are also balanced by the many rewards and funny moments. My kids can have me feeling tired and frustrated one moment, and laughing my head off the next. Here are just a few of those moments that have happened around our house lately.....

~Cosette asked me yesterday if we could ---"Make cookies, Mommy! Me, help!" When I asked her what kind of cookies she wanted to make, she replied "Big cookies!" :)

~ The other day Eli didn't want to open up for his food, so I was 'flying' an air-plane spoon to his mouth. Cosette thought the airplane should have Uncle Jesse on it (since he just recently flew in an air-plane) So, we flew 'uncle jesse' right into Eli's mouth. Cosette got a sudden, sad expression on her face and said "Uncle Jesse! Poor uncle jesse! Oh well!" (Fortunately, Uncle Jesse got a big kick out of this :D

~Yesterday was Cosette's Grandpa's birthday. All day long, she sang "Happy Pappy, Happy Pappy', over and over again.

~ The words Cosette uses for 'bug, milk, walk, and work', all sound alike. We have alot of trouble at our house sometimes trying to figure out if she wants to watch the movie about bugs or have a drink of milk!!

So you see, even if I don't always get to finish my thought, the things interrupting it are often-times sweeter :)


Mrs. S said...

Ah ... your children are so precious! I laughed while reading your post, but I understand how you must have felt last night. Thank God for husbands who understand and listen! I like how you showed how your frustrations are balanced with the funny and sweet moments. I feel the same way -- on a different level as our little one isn't talking yet. I'm trying to enjoy the quiet times while I have them. Great post.

bluemountainmama said...

yes, great post, jaime! and it IS nice to have husbands who let us shed tears...a very therapeutic thing for me.

and i have had so many similar moments..... where i would be upset and super-frazzled, but something caleb said would change my attitude in an instant. kids are good at that!!!

busybusymomma said...

I agree, kids are good at that! :o) I hope you've had a relaxing weekend.


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