Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In the thick of it :)

My wonderful husband surprised me and took me out to dinner on Monday. It was an early Valentine's gift. And it's a good thing he did it on Monday, too, because today, we are in the thick of potty training. Well, to be more specific, Cosette is in the thick of potty training. There is nothing too romantic about this Valentine's day---unless you count the little flowers and hearts on Cosette's 'big girl pants'.... :) You know how some parents reward kids with m&m's or something small like that after they use the potty? Well, I made the mistake of giving Cosette a cookie the first time. Let's just say she's consumed enough cookies in the past three days to make any dentist or nutritionist cringe! However, I believe she's starting to catch on to things. After she has a successful run to the potty, she says that Mommy is 'oooooooo appy!' (Meaning 'so happy') I assure her that nothing in the world makes me happier :) Funny--five years ago, success to me was a good grade on a test, or a recital well performed. Now, I count success as the number of times Cosette makes it to the bathroom in time. How things change :)


Wray said...

God bless parents!
Potty training is not something I am looking forward to:( My wife will have to be mighty patient:)

bluemountainmama said...

stickers work well too...but we also did plenty of candy!


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