Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thinking over a cup of coffee

I just finished drinking an entire cup of coffee.

And what, might you ask, is so strange about that?

It's so strange because I'm supposed to hate coffee! It's nasty, bitter stuff! At least, that's what I thought my entire life. Up until now.

What changed my mind? I fault my dear husband....

For three years now I have been watching him sit down to his yummy dessert, and sip his hot beverage. I have listened to him 'oohh' and 'ahh' as he drank it down.

And I thought "What in the world is so special about it?" So, I decided to give it a try myself.

I started out slowly. First a Sheetz Cappucino (which isn't really coffee) Then, a REAL Cappucino. And now, and entire cup of real coffee ( with alot of cream and sugar, of course.) And, I actually kind of enjoyed it!

That made me think....are we really so influenced by living our lives with the person we love most? If Joel could influence me to enjoy coffee, as impossible as that once seemed, am I being influenced in other ways as well?

Is my life really being changed by living all the time with the person I love most?

I started thinking of ways that I may have changed since marrying Joel.

Well...I like coffee now, I enjoy playing chess, I can tolerate a soccer game, and even an occasional football game, I think boxed mashed potatoes are cruel and unusual punishment, and I never, ever, ever, let the bathroom counter get smeared and soapy :)

But, I hope that there are sincerely positive ways in which I may have changed as well. If I can learn to be more patient like my husband, that would be a good thing.

If I can take constructive criticism as well as he does, it would be a step in the right direction.

If I can be firm and consistent with our children, as he always is, I would be glad.

If I can manage to be as kind and wonderful a spouse as he is, I will have accomplished alot.

So, I have concluded that, yes, we spouses do influence each other...hopefully for the better! Where would I be without Joel?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post but couldn't help smiling---perhaps we are also (as-stay-at-home moms) influenced more than we know by our dear children; as you describe Joel's dessert with one of Cosette's first and favorite words. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime. Here I go again, this is the third time I tried to send you a comment. Your Dad showed me this time. I hope it works.I just love your site. It makes me feel as though I am in your home at Springs with you all. You are witty, comical,and above all very serious at times. I look forward to enjoying my day reading your site. G. Rosina Elizabeth XO

bluemountainmama said...

what a lovely tribute to your hubby! i guess it would be nearly impossible to spend as much time as we do with our spouses and not be influenced..... and, yes, hopefully for the better. i also started drinking coffee just in the past couple of years...with lots of cream and sugar. would have been a wonderful thing during my son's early years! :)


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