Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Success at last! My computer is cooperating again! (Is 'cooperating' supposed to have a little dash thingy in it? I can never remember :) I resisted the urge to download all of my recent photos, and decided to just share these two :) They look like nice restful photos, don't they? The one with just Elias demonstrates his new ability to 'scoot'. We lay him down on a nice soft blanket, and he promptly scoots himself off of it and onto the scratchy carpet. Seems to be what he prefers. Silly boy! I guess he figures he has to learn how to get around soon so he can keep up with his big sister! The other picture is just a sweet moment between Father and son. Can't you see where Eli gets his good looks? :) Something funny about Cosette is that she is learning new ways of delaying going to bed. For a few nights, she had been asking me to rub her back after we tucked her in. Then, she started asking me to rub her back and her belly. Then, two nights ago, she wanted me to rub her back, her belly, and her elbow. That's when I said 'Enough! Your Mommy is smarter than that!' I guess she'll have to think of a new plan :)


amy said...

kids are great at delaying bedtime. just wait- the older and smarter they get, the more creative the excuses become!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy, I sure do agree with you,
How smart you are.................!


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