Sunday, July 09, 2006

A 'big girl' conversation

Aunt Kristin to Cosette: Does that water taste good?
Cosette: Vigorously nods her head
Aunt Kristin: Is it yummy?
Cosette: Vigorously nods her head once again
Aunt Kristin: Can you say 'yummy', Cosette?
Cosette: YUMMY!!

Hallelujah, another 'big girl' word has been uttered! :) (However, none of us could quite figure out just why water is so very yummy. But I'm beginning to think that Cosette would probably do or say just about anything that her beloved Aunt Kristin asked her to :)

1 comment:

dan & amy said...

like the 'stache, joel! you're gonna look like dan pretty soon!


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