Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Defiant camera batteries

Sorry that there's no pictures, but we are having major issues with our camera batteries---well, actually, we've already buried them, we're just waiting for the new ones to charge :) Anyway, here's our bit of news-- Elias is rolling over now:) Actually, he rolls from his back to his belly, cries, and I roll him back again. Then he promptly rolls back to his belly, cries, and I roll him back again. Then, he promtly rolls over to his belly again, and finally goes to sleep. AAhhhh, those are the peaceful times :)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Thoughts

Okay, this picture of Cosette eating ice-cream is going to force me to get philosophical for a minute or two. Just a little over three years ago, I was sitting in my college dorm room, writing papers on music theory, wondering if graduation would ever come. Now, my little girl is big enough to eat ice cream all by herself! (sort of). It just reminds me of how quickly time passes. Cosette isn't even a little baby anymore, and Eli's working very hard on learning to roll over. I'm glad God gives us these occasional reminders to catch every minute, and enjoy the messy ice-cream times when they happen, because they won't last forever!I pray that twenty years from now, I'm able to look back at this special time with my kids and have no regrets--- to see that I spent every minute as a wise, blessed, and grateful mommy. Okay, I'm done being philosophical now. I have a little guy crying for his milk, so back to the practical side of parenting! :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cosette enjoyed swimming in the pool that Aunt Kristin got for her. She loves the water! She wasn't quite sure what to think of the dolphin, though. At first, she tried to put it out of the water, but by the end of the day, whe was giving it kisses :) The other picture is Elias's greeting to Grandpa Shaun--- Smile, Dad!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Interesting Observations :)

Here are some interesting observations that I've made in the past little while. Those of you with kids will probably find them all too familiar.

1.) I have now had to buy TWO packs of rolls from the Springs Store that I didn't really want because Cosette picked them up and poked holes in them. (They are right at her level to reach. I bet the ladies who work there cringe when they see me come in!)

2.) One crying baby walking through WalMart can draw much more attention than one would expect.

3.) A one and a half year old's teeth accidentally slamming into your forehead while wrestling on the floor feels anything but nice.

4.) To properly defrost chicken in the microwave, one must put the microwave on a very low power setting. (Needless to say, we did NOT have chicken that night for dinner.)

5.) If you think that it will only take one hour to get everybody dressed, fed, and out the door in the morning--- you'd better allow three hours, just in case.

6.) One tiny little piece of chocolate can actually make one very huge mess when put in the hands of a toddler.

7.) Don't listen to all the advice books and try to trim your baby's finger nails while he's asleep--- it only wakes him back up!

My kids keep me on my toes and laughing all the time. I'm so thankful to be a mom--where else would I get writing material for my blog? ;)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Okay, here's the scoop on all the pictures, from the top down---1. Cosette helping Mommy bake bread. 2. Flowers from my wonderful husband. These flowers were beautiful for over two weeks! 3. Cosette washing her hair all by herself (much to her Mommy's surprise!) 4. My little guy trying out his new pillow seat. He seemed to enjoy it :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A 'big girl' conversation

Aunt Kristin to Cosette: Does that water taste good?
Cosette: Vigorously nods her head
Aunt Kristin: Is it yummy?
Cosette: Vigorously nods her head once again
Aunt Kristin: Can you say 'yummy', Cosette?
Cosette: YUMMY!!

Hallelujah, another 'big girl' word has been uttered! :) (However, none of us could quite figure out just why water is so very yummy. But I'm beginning to think that Cosette would probably do or say just about anything that her beloved Aunt Kristin asked her to :)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

And then she was cute....

Just when you think you're going to go nuts from hearing 'Twinkle Twinkle little star' and 'Do you know the muffin man' a bazillion times over, your little one does something sweet,and then you just melt with pride or spend five minutes laughing uncontrollably, depending on the situation. (Talk about a run-on sentence!) Today, Cosette came to me with one of her little kid CD's, and started 'singing' and stomping her feet, along with pointing to the CD player. I remembered that this paticular CD had the song 'If you're happy and you know it...stomp your feet' on it. I asked her if she wanted to listen to it, and she jumped up and down with excitement. I tell you, she really needs to learn some more big girl words!

Trying this blogging thing.....

Okay, so I'm going to try this blogging thing- I think it should be fun. I enjoy reading other people's blogs, so maybe I'll enjoy making my own :) For my first posting here, I'll share one of Eli's earliest pictures, for those of you who may not have seen him yet. He's one of the cutest little fellow's alive, so enjoy :)


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